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Managed Services 

Managed Service is the outsourcing of computer, software and network support and management to a professional company, such as The Guru, instead of maintaining an in-house IT department. With managed service, your business can focus on its core services while relying on The Guru to provide IT management and maintenance. The result is timely updates, proactive maintenance, higher efficiency, and lower overall cost.

Regular, professional maintenance of equipment and networks is as important as the original investment.

Your organization faces the potential of losing productivity and money every time a system is not updated correctly, software is not cleaned up, and browsing history is not managed. Devoting precious staff time to these maintenance tasks lowers your productivity and takes employee focus away from your core services.

Our managed services anticipate network problems to save you revenue loss and employee downtime caused by hardware issues or laggy networks. Our expert network repair technicians and automated processes keep you focused on what's important to you. 

Scheduled Services

Our scheduled service plans proactively monitor and maintain your networks, servers, and computers to increase your company's up-time and reduce unexpected system blackouts. Through professional and timely support, with dedicated hours and SLA, we can guarantee a quick solution to nearly any of your IT-related issues. 

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance 

With specialized software that runs 24/7, we monitor the health of your network in real time. This allows us to anticipate potential problems and take the necessary network repair steps before the issues become a burden on your daily operations.

Automated Updates, Alerts, and Reports 

Our automated service solutions relieve you of the need to monitor an in-house IT technician. With our automated network repair services, you can count on a more manageable and more predictable monthly IT bill, allowing you to more accurately manage your budget and forecast profits period.

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