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Complete IT Services and Support 

Our professional support team has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, especially in computer repair and maintenance. We’ve been in IT since before Windows. We know DOS. We’ve seen card punch machines. We’ve worked on mainframes at CSUN. Let us bring our knowledge and expertise as one of the longest-standing computer repair companies to meet your support needs. 

The Guru understands how challenging it is to find an IT services company to trust with your personal electronics, professional devices, and sensitive data. It’s a specialized profession that requires knowledge, experience, and transparency above all else. 

Our team of IT professionals and computer maintenance technicians has an extremely wide range of knowledge in the IT field including communication technologies, hardware repair, network maintenance, and programming and database administration. We've built decades-long relationships with our customers and pride ourselves on our methodologies, standards, and ethics. 

With 20+ years of experience and a deep knowledge base of computer repair and maintenance we strive to diagnose and resolve all issues within the very first call or visit.

Multidisciplinary Staff Support

Our diverse staff will approach your problems from different angles to ensure you receive the highest quality and most up-to-date solutions. Our goal is to make every IT environment run more smoothly, with fewer problems and uninterrupted workflow. 

Remote Support 

Our on-demand and unattended remote support services let you breathe easy while we work to resolve your computer issues as quickly and with as little interruption or down-time as possible. We offer comprehensive support for any and all of your systems, including computers, servers, VOIP phone systems, and network equipment. 

Popular General Support Services 

Some of our most popular IT support services include virus cleanup, browser troubleshooting, desktop application support, data retrieval, and Hosted Exchange email configuration and cleanup. We're happy to customize solutions to meet your support needs, whether large or small.

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