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Cabling and Racking Services

If you're moving office locations or just need a more organized equipment architecture, we at The Guru provide comprehensive cabling and racking services.  We'll handle everything from design, procurement and mounting to installing all of your equipment into a new rack.  It's surprising how much space a good rack can save and how much easier it is to maintain equipment once installed.

Unorganized racking and cabling makes it difficult to conduct your business effectively, and it also takes up valuable office space that could otherwise be devoted to your employees or clients.


Especially in offices with limited space, effective racking and cabling is essential for successful coordination and management, as well as speedy troubleshooting and repair when problems do arise. 

Our team has extensive experience with racking and cabling for organizations and offices of all sizes. Our custom-designed and installed certified structured cabling systems, equipment racks, and fiber links provide unparalleled data and voice communications. 

Cabling (Data, Voice, Fiber)

Our team can install new cabling for computers, printers, phones, and other network-connected devices, whether in one office, one building, or across multiple buildings in a complex.

Wire Testing

We certify existing and new wiring to make sure that all of your connected high-speed devices work properly.

Equipment Racks

We'll do the heavy lifting to make sure your equipment is off the ground and organized in a stable, easy-to-access server rack.

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