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Custom-Built Computing Hardware

We know that companies are not all the same, and hardware is not onesize-fits all. Your company is unique and deserves a unique set of tools and equipment. With decades of experience in hardware, our team's custom-built solutions are sure to meet your specifications.

Often times our clients have a very specific equipment need that cannot be fulfilled by existing, off-the shelves product lines. Our hardware staff specializes in producing customized hardware that meets your computing needs and your budget. We configure and build servers, computers, laptops, and PBXs with generous 3-year warranties to support the specific needs of your small, medium or large organization. 

These custom-built hardware solutions have higher quality hardware components, leading to longer lives. You can have peace of mind knowing that we'll service your custom-built needs in one phone call under a basic warranty that lasts three years. Our custom-built products provide the consistent usability, life cycle, and support experience necessary to keep all members of your team on the same page. 


Our highly customized servers cater to your needs. Our prices are competitive with all major brands, but we guarantee higher quality and better warranties. 


Our custom-built computers with minimum three-year warranties increase the value, ROI, and productivity of your business. 


We provide custom-built, enterprise-grade PBX systems with dual hard drive or SSD, rackmount chassis, heavy-duty power supply, and a three-year warranty.

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