Hi, my name is Richard and I’m the founder and owner of The Guru. I’ve been self-employed in some form of IT since 1993, and I absolutely love what I do here at The Guru.

As a successful IT consultant working with small to medium-sized businesses in Los Angles County, my goal is to outperform your expectations and to provide optimal service so that you can thrive in your day-to-day business tasks and projects.

My team and I do whatever it takes to meet your diverse business IT needs, from networks with single and multiple services to VoIP telephone systems. Whether you’re a small consultancy like us at The Guru or a larger office with several departments, you can count on the expertise that we’ve gained over two decades of software, hardware, and networking experience.

Over the past several years, business has grown steadily, and I’m excited about The Guru’s growth trajectory. Within the next few years, I hope to incorporate rapid response, secure and streamlined data collection activities, and an expanded team of IT professionals.

IT is a challenging sector, no doubt, but I love managing complex tasks, working with mission-critical data, and solving unique problems to help businesses get the most out of their IT.

What are your business IT needs? Contact me today to discuss your needs and learn how The Guru can resolve your difficult IT problems and get your business back on track.